Robot Armies are coming by Google !

Date : 16 Aralık  2013 Pazartesi - 11:17, Category : SCI/TECH

Robot Armies are coming by Google !

U.S. technology giant in recent years has realized one of the most interesting purchase.

About 10 days ago seven different robot technology company that develops , explaining that purchase Google , this time by buying a company that produces military robots has attracted all the attention . A company called Boston Dynamics , has developed particularly in the military field with robots know .

The information contained in the New York Times reports that Google , these eight companies located in the United States and Japan gathered under one roof, the world's largest robot hardware and IT aims to create a unit .


Google's purchase of Boston Dynamics is not yet known how much he paid for . But Google's advanced technology research projects on behalf of the U.S. Army Enhanced Defense Technologies manages whether tenders Agency ( DARPA) to undertake work which will be completed in the Boston Dynamics said. The most important of these 10.8 million grant executed Atlas ' humanoid ' robot project is known. DARPA gives the same project to different companies , and then by selecting one of them will reward you with $ 2 million .


DARPA , natural disaster risk areas unsuitable for rescue and clearing work on projects that are focused on fulfilling a unit . Boston Dynamics to produce commercial products on the other hand , Sony's robot dog ' Aibo ' project was also consulted . Boston Dynamics , the balance of 47 kilometers per hour speed that can run without ever losing the ' Cheetah ' and capable of lifting heavy objects ' Big Dog ' has attracted attention with a prototype robot named .

Google, the U.S. and Japan gathered under one roof in the 8th company the world's largest robot hardware and IT unit aims to create .

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