ISO's comet may be freed from the clutches of the Sun

Date : 09 Aralık  2013 Pazartesi - 19:08, Category : SCI/TECH

ISO's comet may be freed from the clutches of the Sun

Closest to the Sun in the Solar System came to the point where outside access ISO's comet, according to initial reports it was stated that there was no existence can also. Astronomers, try to identify the location of the observatory, where the permissions are undecided as to whether comets do not.

The formation of the solar system 4.5 billion years before reaching the comet ISO's until today, 20:37 BST yesterday from the distance between the Sun and the minimize and a 'death journey' output.

The remainder of the period of the formation of the solar system 'ice residues' accumulation from the Oort Cloud, ISO's, place after the confrontation with the Sun, which lost track of the observatories and satellites. However, astronomers giant glacier path of the object will continue going around the sun and the sky was expressed may appear in a brilliant way.

Determining on the other side of the sun ISONEM, an observation also made ??that disintegrated.

Alex Young from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, "ISO of the components to be separated, even though there is no magnetic field, as well as the chance to offer views ... It is very rare to find that nature gives us an opportunity, "he said.

ISO's, many telescopes on Earth and in space, but was followed by the most approached from the point where the sun lost track. In the latest photo released by NASA, the comet's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) satellite has been marked by the point where last seen.

In addition to the optimistic view, Isonia there are those who suggested that there might have been disappointing. SDO project located in the Dean Pesnell, "We have not seen Isonia in SDO ... Perihelyo and evaporates before reaching the comet fragments that we think, "he said.

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